Our History

On May 6, 2010, the National Day of Prayer, a small community of people gathered together to establish the Communication to God Prayer Group. During the midst of prayer, a still small voice spoke and brought correction saying: I did not call you to establish a prayer group but a Church where prayer goes forth. From the prayer group, Church was established where Sunday Morning Worship, Prayer, and weekly Bible Study went forth.

A request was placed before God on what to name the Church because of every name thought of had been taken. A dialogue ensued: God said to call it, "Messianic Covenant Church," Pastor Michelle replied that’s a Hebrew name for a Synagogue, I’m a black woman living in black culture. God insisted that He had a plan. It was through this interaction that Pastor Michelle began to study the Jewish roots of the church and discovered why she was experiencing the supernatural currents per the Scriptures.

As the Ministry progressed, members of the congregation were expressing how they were experiencing the supernatural as Pastor would teach during Bible study. There was a bright midst (God’s Glory) manifesting during worship. At night while sleeping, some were taken into visions, angels would manifest and Jesus would allow Himself to be seen. Services were held in and around Washington, D.C., from November of 2010, until May of 2015.

Through an eight-month process when services for the church were no longer held, Pastor Michelle sought the Lord.  At the end of eight months, God reminded Pastor Michelle of the Apostolic/Prophet calling He has placed on her 30 years earlier. On January 19, 2016, "Supernatural Currents" out of the Holy Bible was shared on Periscope. God’s Special Forces Unit Ministries {GSFUM} was launched and has received a great response. The organization is growing and is establishing ministries throughout the nation with global leadership.

The supernatural presence upon {GSFUM} is voiced from Acts 2:16-17 where Peter announces "this is that" in the last days the prophetic, visions and dreams shall be poured out upon all flesh. Through GSFUM a countless number of people have experienced the supernatural realm while being training. Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, Leaders, and Members of Organizations have all testified of answered prayers through the supernatural current that flows through GSFUM. They have experienced the open heaven of prophetic dreams, open visions, angels manifesting, Jesus coming in and healing and the Great God Jehovah Himself visiting them.

In January 2017, Online Revelatory Training Classes were established to sharpen learning patterns of the realm of the supernatural. August 2018 God's International Interpretive Ministry Courses were instituted.  June 2019 the Academy Launched.  These Online Training sessions are taught to a global community.  During these prayers and training sessions, participants are experiencing multiple miraculous healings.  

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