What Leaders are saying about the training!

"As a Sr. Leader, the training I received under Apostle Michelle gave me insight to the prophetic and the supernatural that I never heard taught before, It revealed the realm of dreams and visions."

I Highly recommend this for Sr. Leaders!

Aposlte / Prophet - Malcolm Spurlock,

Dominion in Christ International

Prophetic Portals

We will learn what prophesy means Biblically.  Understand Dreams and Visions.  Learn the flow of prophesy. 

      Two Weeks Training  $225.00

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Training is held consecutively every week, Wednesday.  We will meet via the zoom app at 


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Supernatural Realms

Explore the hidden world of the Lord God Jehovah / Yahweh...  Understand hidden realms in the earth from the Word of God.

        Four weeks training  $450.00

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