Are you anointed for the Apostolic Movement?  Or called to be used out of the Prophetic Realm?  Have you experienced the Supernatural power of God? Have you ever considered developing on these key Ministry subjects?

God has appointed GSFUM to open doors for people who are called out of traditional standards.   

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Piercing Edge of Ministry and Marketplace

Supernatural Prophetic Habitation

GIIMCO is a training component of GOD's Special Forces Unit Ministries.  Our Bible-based course is designed for the complexities of today’s marketplace and ministry streams alike. It provides an unconventional strategy: availing the most significant structure in understanding God’s supernatural Kingdom and prophetic habitation. The comprehensive approach to our ministry standards is progressive in nature and instructs on an array of subjects. The Goal of the approach is to align with aspects of organizations to relay the combination of supernatural prophetic ministry and marketplace.


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What Our Graduates & Students Are Saying

"I am so thankful that I got connected to GSFUM. Being a partner in this ministry under the leadership of Apostle Michelle McKenzie has renewed my faith tremendously. Since I've been with this ministry, God has been working in different areas of my life. The word of God has been guiding my steps daily, whereas before I was sometimes reluctant to obey God's word. It's been a year of greater understanding of what God can do, and seeing his promises fulfilled."

-  GSFUM  Participant


"I am honored to be a student under Apostle Michelle McKenzie and GSFUM. This is an amazing ministry and my tree has grown fruits on a lot of different branches ever since I've come into contact with you all and it hasn't been six months yet. So I know it will get better with time. Glory be to God. The best is yet to come."

- GSFUM Graduate